Who We Are & What Is Our Purpose?

SMA Home Solutions a Property Management Service located in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Our primary purpose is to provide our clients with a personalized, quality management service. When you are away we look after your home & guests, when you are here we look after your needs. We understand that service is everything when it comes to your home and your rentals. We focus on providing quick follow up response in every area, creating an unforgettable vacation experience for your renters; an important way to build great reviews for your rental property while safe guarding your home. We take our commitment seriously. Overall, SMA Home Solutions provides an honest, affordable and professional Property Management Service.

Our Team

The SMA Home Solutions team has different areas, each responsible for the following areas:

DIRECTOR Is in charge of directing all operations, all communications and public relations with customers.

OFFICE MANAGER Organizes office operations and procedures, is responsible of organizing all of the administrative activities that facilitate the smooth running of the office.

ACCOUNTING In charge of the accounting department, which includes monthly & yearly expense reports, weekly salary records, bills, payments, contractors, receipts,etc.

GUEST SERVICES In charge of the guest services area, which includes reservations, guest communications, arrival, shuttle reservations, Paypal records, etc.

MAINTENANCE In charge of all maintenance of the properties, coordination with contractors.

PROPERTY INSPECTIONS In charge of all property inspections, which include checklists, cleaning inspections.

GUESTS ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE In charge of guest arrival inspections, domestic staff coordination, shopping, gardeners, staff coordination etc.

OFFICE ASSISTANT In charge of office filing, receipts, utility records, inventories, etc.

RENTAL SERVICES SMA Home Solutions provide clients with short term vacationrenters/blokings as a Rental Agent. This service is provided under separate contract.

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