a) Home Solutions will provide a monthly expense report (PDF format) on the first 10 days of the following month. The expense report includes the following information:

  • All descriptions in English
  • Colored descriptions
  • Amount are in pesos
  • Exchange rates
  • Dates
  • Expenses & deposits
  • End of month total expenses
  • End of month total deposits
  • End of month balance
  • Colored legend
  • Staff salaries shown per week

Please see sample expense report attached.

b) Yearly Expense Averages

At the end of year we also provide a yearly expense average. These averages show clients their total expenses and deposits both in pesos and USD at end of year. This gives clients a true picture of their yearly expenses.

c) Banking

Clients open a local bank account in bank of their choice where Home Solutions is a co-signer and can access account. They both agree on a set amount to be widthrawn on a monthly basis by Home Solutions in order to pay bills & monthly expenses. Home Solutions can assist clients draft this projection at the beginning. Home Solutions will also follow up with bank when wire transfers are sent by clients and can also also check and inform clients of their bank balances when needed.

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