a) GENERAL ASSISTANCE & SUPERVISION: Home Solutions pays house keepers and gardeners weekly salaries, organizes schedules, provides them with cleaning & house supplies, creates cleaning checklists & does cleaning inspections, assists staff with problem-solving, oversight, garden checklists & inspections & photographic garden reports.

b) LEGAL ASSISTANCE: Calculates and coordinates yearly Christmas bonuses, vacation time & bonus (prima vacacional), offical holidays and assists with any Labor Law-related issues via propery channels, including termination and/or hiring of new staff and general legal assessment for your protection.


SMA Home Solutions Porvides housekeepers & gardeners with assistance, supervision, salaries, scheduling, supplies, cleaning checklist & inspections, problem-solving, overight, garden checklist & photo reports. We work closely with the mexican federal laboral law to create employee contracts and asure that all legar aspects are met between emplooyee and employer.

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